Why is Your Agent Naked in Your Listing Photos?

Michael and Melissa start by talking about all the real estate agent photo fails. Most, if not all of these fails could be avoided if the agent wasn’t being cheap and taking pictures with their phone. Otherwise, you may end up with a picture of your living room punctuated by a random snap of your agent getting a blowjob. YOUR AGENT SHOULD HIRE A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER. No exceptions.

So, what should happen when you sell your house, and what should your agent be doing or not doing?

Definitely do staging. Some agents cover this cost, many do not in the age of downward pressure on commissions. If you can’t pay for the full staging at least try some virtual staging.

Don’t forget to clean. This is so basic and so many people don’t do it. Microwave, refrigerator, countertops - just pay for a move out clean. It makes all the difference in the world.

If you leaving a gross, gunk covered air conditioning filter it will make both Melissa and Baby Jesus cry. If you can’t change your a/c filter every 30 days you may as well get a skywriter to tell the world that you maintain absolutely nothing in your home. That’s a clue for any agent with half a brain to alert their buyer client that there are most likely going to be major issues with the house. The a/c probably needs to be replaced because of how hard the system has to struggle to work with a clogged filter. If you haven’t bothered to do the bare minimum required of you as a homeowner.

Declutter. Seriously. Get a storage unit and put half of your possessions in there. Oddly when you move, you’ll probably trash half the stuff in storage away anyway. Once you live without it, the importance you attach to the item diminishes greatly.

Photography is everything and getting ready for it is a huge endeavor, but so worth the effort. Photos get people in the door.

As far as brochures, both Michael and Melissa have different perspectives from the norm. No one seems to want the paper anymore. They prefer to view it online. Most brochures are left behind for the landfill. Michael repurposed his brochure into a smaller card that he can drop in the mail.

Both Michael and Melissa are soured on Facebook advertising as their rules tend to change frequently. The magic it formerly had seems to be lost with the addition of severe targeting restrictions. You may have a million dollar home, but you can’t isolate people any longerwho have the income needed to qualify for a million dollar home.

One for the road, courtesy of Scoop Nashville.