Where's the Fucking Lockbox!?!

Michael and Melissa share the real reasons Michael’s hair fell out and Melissa’s is gray - it’s because they spend too much time managing nonsense with agents on the other side of the transaction.

Starting with access issues - sometimes houses have lockboxes that require a combination that the agent didn’t provide, or the lockbox can’t be located in the case of many condo buildings.

Rentals are a whole other animal. Melissa tried to make appointments for 6 different rental condos and 5 of the listing agents didn’t respond at all. The following day, showing day, Melissa circled back to follow up again with the agents to find out why they didn’t respond and if the property can be shown. One agent had no idea what was going on in her life and another agent said his listing was rented already. When Melissa told him to change the status from “active” to “pending,” he said, “Well they haven’t moved in yet.” This isn’t how it works. When a potential tenant sees that property as “active” they believe it is fully available. As it should be. Forehead slaps all around.

Rentals are often used as training ground for new agents. Unfortunately, the clients suffer from the incompetence of being mishandled with the hands of incompetence.

Michael, who is highly allergic to mold, showed a house with floor to ceiling mold. He called the listing agent to ask why they wouldn’t have warned people of the mold in the house or offered a mask at the front door. Some people have no home-training!

Verbal negotiations sometimes make sense when time is of the essence and it’s important to get a contract ratified quickly. But it will backfire if an agent on the other side is not playing fair or misunderstands what was decided in the conversation. Then there are two frustrated clients to deal with.

Along the lines of fair play, Michael explains how sometimes agents set deadlines for offers and accept something before the deadline. You can hear his frustration of a showing being canceled at the last minute. Melissa attempted to console him by telling about the times she has gone to show houses that have contracts and the listing agent doesn’t bother to extend the courtesy of a call.

Melissa has a Coconut Roll addiction, broke her wedding band (while loading the coconut rolls in her car) and humanely saved a mouse. Michael is already “renovating” and upgrading his brand new house and discusses the things that need to be done. As summer winds up, Melissa is squeezing in a vacation, Michael is going for a hike and planning an event for clients at a winery.