So You Want to Be a Real Estate Agent?

Michael and Melissa talk about how they got into real estate and compare their own journeys to what they hear from the typical person who thinks they can be an agent because it’s easy.

Unlike attorneys, we don’t get paid as we go.

Unlike police officers who get called to homes knowing they are walking into a dangerous situation, we walk into homes daily and never know if someone could be hiding in a house.

Melissa covers how nothing can be left to chance. Every single aspect of a property sale needs to be hyper-managed to protect the client from exposure to liability. Knowing the contract and addenda, timelines and responsibilities of each party is key. Agents who negotiate for their clients, who don’t understand how email works, part time agents who don’t understand the business, agents who rely on assistants to shepherd things to closing and agents who answer “yes” to a series of questions asking for updates that are due…it can be painful.

These are the absurd realities of daily life for agents - navigating incompetence.

But there’s a darker side as well. The very widely publicized murder of Beverly Carter is often enough to make many agents think twice about their basic business practices. Got a call from a hot online lead on a high priced property? Hooray! But you could be walking into your own death sentence.

Thanks to a video doorbell, another recent event was captured where an agent was pushed to the ground and groped.

Michael recalled a story where he was almost trapped in a house with a very aggressive dog and had to find an escape route, and another situation where an appraiser was almost shot by a homeowner who forgot she was coming to the house that day.

Then Melissa talks about her much too close encounter with murderers while working at a Miami gym, and how the story was made into a movie with Marky Mark and the Rock.

Be a real estate agent and you could end up somewhere murdery! Or just go work at a gym in 1995 Miami.