Sarah vs. Hat Sarah ~ Renovation Show Redux

Michael and Melissa open up by discussing their own home renovations. Waiting for contractors while hungover, paying contractors for watching their illegally parked truck so it didn’t get a ticket or contractors not staying to finish their work because of unpaid parking tickets, renovations bring all sorts of fun.

Bad experiences are widespread with contractors in home renovations, even great contractors will sometimes go south and then you find yourself back on the market looking for a new contractor.

In the spirit of renovations, Michael and Melissa watched Episode 2 of Season 17 of House Hunters Renovations!

We meet Sarah and her sister-in-law, Hat Sarah. Sarah’s mom is the best part of the show with the side-comments. Sarah wants to leave her 1 bedroom and spend up to $900,000 for a house and mama says, “Did you know your sister was rich?”

The search begins! First house has a turret and is ugly as all hell. Second house has paint colors that Sarah doesn’t like - like that even matters. While Sarah and Hat Sarah are bickering about house #2 the real estate agent Jerry mentions another home he wants to show them. Did poor Jerry shave for this event? The third house has a package waiting in the driveway. In Jerry’s pants.

Once we get by Jerry’s package, and discuss other online packages we know of, ukulele’s and mandolins, we see the inside of the house. Sarah doesn’t like the asymmetrical fireplace. She also doesn’t like the brown fireplace. But she picks this house and even pays $35,000 over list price.

They bring in an interior designer. Michael feels the giant scarf she used as the focal point of her outfit equated to her not doing very much business. There are meltdowns over tile and backsplash installations. There are meltdowns over possible leaks near electricity (“Oh let’s shut off the electric”) and then Hat Sarah laughs in Sarah’s face and tells her to stop talking to her friends for advice.

Mama shows up and she’s fake-scraping wall paper off the wall of the tiny bathroom with Sarah. She tells a gem of a story where her father-in-law changed his wallpaper every year but never took the old down, so the room kept getting smaller and smaller.

Then they shove a stove into the brick wall, Mama tries to set the contractor up with Sarah and they pick the ugliest honeycomb design for the tiny bathroom. Papa shows up at the end to remark about how much money Sarah spent on the house renovation.

Michael gave Sarah a 9 out of 10 on the annoying scale, and Melissa gave her a 4 out of 10.

The update on last week’s home inspection from hell is that the sellers will be giving a closing cost credit and Melissa’s clients decided to buy the house.